Product Roadmap

Here I share some of the upcoming features and improvements planned for Prototape. It’s a glimpse into the future of what I’m building, but keep in mind, plans might change based on feedback and learning along the way. Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome, so feel free to email me anytime.

User Profiles

A space to showcase your work and contributions, connect with other musicians, and discover music within the community.

Songwriting Toolkit

Build your smart, digital songbook: Transcribe lyrics from audio, identify song keys and chords, and utilise chord suggestions for new sections.

Social & Sharing

Contribute to new music, and get a fresh take on your own with contributions from the Prototape community. Promote your upcoming releases with exports for your favourite social platforms.

Record Your DAW

Don't abandon your favourite plugins - pipe the audio from your preferred DAW directly into Prototape for recording.

Version Control

Collaborators are great, but you have final say on what ends up in the mix. Approve or deny new tracks, and see how your idea evolves at every stage.

Audio Effects

Demos can sound great, too. Enhance your mixes with tape compression, reverb, equalisation, and more.